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Oh , I agree with you - I was giving a simplified version. It most likely grows in unison downward and forward from the sole corium and the bars to create the sole. However , I am not so sure I agree with the explanation of loss of concavity because we have seen concavity come back with correct diet, exercise and trimming. Are you referring to pedal bone erosion due to chronic laminitis that will create a consistently flat sole?
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Hmm - not sure I agree with Ute. The ground surface of the pedal bone
is covered in solar corium which produces the sole horn in a downward
and forward direction. (The upper surface of the pedal bone and
lateral cartilages are covered with a laminar corium which produces
the laminar horn). Bowker has postulated a role for the bar corium in
solar horn production but the extent of this is not yet fully
established. It isn't correct however to say the bars produce the sole.
If the pedal bone rests on the solar corium (all round as in sinking,
or at the toe as in classic founder) it causes bruising of the highly
vascular solar corium and over time can cause pressure necrosis -
tissue death.
The sole follows the shape of the ground surface of the pedal bone and
it is this which gives it concavity. Because the pedal bone is very
light it is can erode with unphysiological pressure; if it lacks a
good suspension within the hoof capsule or the sole cannot draw flat
on weightbearing, the concave surface can wear flat. When the bone has
lost its concavity the sole also loses its concavity.
However, sometimes when there is inadequate movement for the sole to
exfoliate, the sole becomes very full and 'flat' in appearance. Too
full a sole can inhibit hoof mechanism.

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> The sole grows from the bars forward and sideways and yes, a sinking
CB will flatten the sole. It can only regain concavity with the right
diet, correct trim and adequate exercise.
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> This is probably a stupid question...but I am trying to sort through
> everything I am learning about feet in an effort to return my
horse to
> soundness permanantly.
> I understand that the hoof grows from the top down. It has always
> obvious to me when looking at the hoof walls. Where does the sole
> grow from? Does it grow out from under the coffin bone? If the
> coffin bone has some sinking, will the growth of the sole be
> affected? Will it really eventually gain the concavity it had
> previous to the 'incident' as my farrier/trimmer has suggested?
> Stacy

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