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Hi Ute
As long as the bone is still healthy and properly formed, concavity
will return with trimming, exercise and diet. If however, the bone has
been subjected to persistent long term unphysiological pressure, it
may erode - in the direction of that pressure. All round pressure
results in overall loss of solar concavity - and with that, the
possibility of a fully concave sole is reduced; if it is under
pressure at the tip - it will erode there - or laterally or medially.
We don't yet know if and to what extent a pedal bone can remodel. But
once the bone is worn flat - in my experience the hoof remains flatter
than it should be - with consequences for shock absorption and
traction etc.
Chronic or undiagnosed laminitis is one cause - the suspension weakens
and the pedal bone rests on the sole - which reduces quality and
quantity of solar horn production; a fixated hoof capsule in which
the sole cannot flatten away from the descending pedal bone (eg shod
or overgrown inflexible hoof)is another. Both are exacerbated by the
amount of movement that is demanded of the horse on unyielding ground.


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Oh , I agree with you - I was giving a simplified version. It most
likely grows in unison downward and forward from the sole corium and
the bars to create the sole. However , I am not so sure I agree with
the explanation of loss of concavity because we have seen concavity
come back with correct diet, exercise and trimming. Are you referring
to pedal bone erosion due to chronic laminitis that will create a
consistently flat sole?

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