Re: One of my barefoot experiences

Nancy Collins <threecatfarm@...>


I hope that this list can help more horse owners in what you have learned.  Through our escapades here in NH, a few horse owners have begun to recognize what the foot should look like, how to ask good questions about a proposed trim as well as about a practitioner’s credentials. They don’t want to do the actual work, but they know how to ask good questions and give good input.  Like educated patients in human medicine, educated horse owners can only help to advance good diagnosis, nutrition and foot care. All the good stuff!!

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

The good thing about all this was I learned a lot and now I'm not
afraid to take a hoof knife or rasp to the obvious.
I may not be a trimmer but I can recognize a poorly trimmed hoof when
I see one.


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