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I am curious, how is your 30 year old prone to ice accidents?
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I'm all for barefoot when at all possible. Sometimes, it's just not.
Or it makes sense to use another method for a period of time. Abby's
experience with the pony and the 11 year old is a case where it was
handled appropriately and a healthy pony is moving forward. My 30-year
old wearing snow shoes for three months to minimize ice accidents is
another. Even Dr Bowker will point to times when a peripheral loading
device might be needed for a period of time.

It should be noted that when this Equicast discussion came up on
another group, a fairly well known barefoot pro reported she plans on
using the Equicasts for severely foundered horses that she sees. She
also reported that several of her colleagues were enthusiastic about
the product as well. They were using it successfully and the horses
responded in the same way as Lorna described Drummer did. you remember who it was or any more of the conversation?

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

> Not every horse needs these, but there are some where they provide a
> protection and level of pain relief that simply is not possible
> otherwise.
> Eleanor

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