Re: WAS: Update on GP dressage horse with founder Now: Equicasts

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It should be noted that when this Equicast discussion came up on
another group, a fairly well known barefoot pro reported she plans
on using the Equicasts for severely foundered horses that she sees.
She also reported that several of her colleagues were enthusiastic
about the product as well. They were using it successfully and the
horses responded in the same way as Lorna described Drummer did. you remember who it was or any more of the conversation?
Sorry,Nancy,I think I missed that.
I think we have to listen to our horses you know.If they react the way
Drummer did,and Carol's Blue,to name just 2,I'd be silly not to pay
I had a long talk with the inventor of the casts .He spoke of 2 horses
he had seen recently who were in slings.
The casts were applied and those horses both walked away.He said they
were not sound.But they were walking on their own.I don't know the rest
of the story.
There has to be something that the horses know that we don't .
I can see that for some horses,just as with anything else,casts may not
be the solution.
But I can't see what there is to lose,either from the horse's point of
view,or the financial one.
I don't know why my attention never found itself to the casts over the
last 5 years.I sure could have saved Drummer(and my pocket book) a lot
of discomfort trying to find boots for him.


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