Now: Equicasts

Nancy C

OK...I went back and looked it up. It was Paige Poss who spoke
positively about the Equicasts. Said she had had in depth
conversations with Dave @ Equicast and with fellow colleagues who had
used the material.

Dawn, if you are following this, maybe Paige would be someone you
could speak with to get another opinion about them. I think her site

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

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It should be noted that when this Equicast discussion came up on
another group, a fairly well known barefoot pro reported she plans
on using the Equicasts for severely foundered horses that she sees.
She also reported that several of her colleagues were enthusiastic
about the product as well. They were using it successfully and the
horses responded in the same way as Lorna described Drummer did. you remember who it was or any more of the conversation?
Sorry,Nancy,I think I missed that.

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