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Nancy Collins <threecatfarm@...>

Hi Sherri

Glad Aletheia is having good days.

Getting the xrays and pics up will be good.  When you do that will you please post on the main list (or I can move you over there :-))  We want to try to keep the discussions about our individual IR/Cushings horses over there if possible.  You’ll get maximum input and folks who may be in the same place will have a better chance of seeing the discussion.

Thanks very much

Nancy C

On 2/27/07 10:00 AM, "Sherri Soper" wrote

I took Aletheia last Friday to a Vet (of a good horsey friend of
mine) in Missouri who has consulted with me and my Farrier
telephonically for the past few months - very experienced and
succussful with founder.  
She got new shoes yesterady - an eggbar of sorts set way back with
no pressure on the toe he tells me at all.... and set up with the
equine digital support pink stuff.  He initially told my friend we
shall see how she does in 48 hours (she was there about the time
they finished).  The vet called last night and said she was moving
substanially better - out about 4 hours and was talking and eating
like a pig......  His wife called this morning and said she is
better yet.  
The bad news is he says (and I think I have known this for a long
time) that the long term prognosis is not good due the bone loss
particularily on the left - and that that is why I can't keep her
comfy for long periods of time - but to hang in there - lets see
what we can do and then day by day and down the road a bit - judge
quality of life - but for right now we are having GOOD DAYS.

I will post pics when I can get some of how he has her shoed.

Sherri and Leth


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