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I didn't know Joe's trim wasn't ideal until I posted pictures, asked
what a "quarter" was (and a flare and a thousand other things) and read
other websites, books, went to a clinic, etc. It's hard to be a good
judge if you're ignorant!


ahhh - but now this is just the WHOLE point and where we should be.  Plus, it's in keeping with Nancy's redirection of this thread!

Educating ourselves so we become a part of the solution for the horse!  Learning the hoof isn't rocket science but it sure isn't an overnight process either!  Together with a willing farrier/trimmer everyone needs to be contributing to the success of hoof recovery!

So, I'll add that to the *Interview Trimmer/Farrier List*.

- How open minded and willing are you to work with me and also to help educate me on my horse's hoof, short term and long term.

- Would you be willing to coach me as I learn to pick up a rasp in between visits?



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