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Abby Nemec

Claire C. Cox-Wilson wrote:

1--In addition to Abby's length of apprentice and/or
experience with a particular issue or method. (Personally,I would like
to see someone who has looked into/studied several methods and is not
locked into a certain method. I want a wellrounded/open-minded trimmer.)
You could say "do you follow any particular method?" Even so, this isn't a great question. Pretty close to being a "fishing" question.

2--How about asking how he/she would approach underslung heels? (Again
I'm looking for an answer that tells me that they understand the
mechanism behind underslung heels)
Not sure this is a good question. There are many mechanisms behind forward heels, and in a phone interview I couldn't begin to explain my different approaches to each.

3-- How about a horse with a diagnosis of navicular?
(Do they truly know what contraction is?)
If you don't have a horse with navicular, this is a dead giveaway that you're "fishing" for specific answers. You could say "I've been told my horse's feet are contracted, but I don't know if they really are. How do you define contracted heels?"

6--What steps do they take to BALANCE a hoof???
Too much detail for a phone interview again. You could say "I've been told my horse's feet are out of balance. How would I know if they are?"


Abby Bloxsom

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