Re: New to this group need help!

Josephine Trott

HI Laura,

I think you will find most folks on this list consider clips of any kind a no-no, period. Take a pliers and squeeze your thumbnail. The lamina is right behind the wall (your nail).

I agree. My horse wore shoes without a break for at least 10 years (17hh Hanoverian now training Grand Prix dressage wearing hoofwings up front only) and it was only after I took them off that I noticed the bruising in the hoof wall under the side clips.  I imagine toe clips are just as damaging.  My concerns in looking at your horse's feet (in toe clips) are that the breakover is too far forward and also that the frog is not in contact with the ground (on a hard flat surface) so there's no caudal support of the navicular/coffin bone and less frog stimulation so less hoof circulation.  Flaring cannot be easily determined when a farrier thins the hoof wall by rasping off the flare every time they shoe.  A 6 month off, 6 month on cycle of shoes can help your horse reverse the hoof capsule deformation caused by constant shoeing.  There are a ton of boot options on the market today.  My horse does 1-tempis, piaffe, passage and pirouettes in hoof wings.  No rubbing.  The only time he loses them is when he's galloping and flings one clean off his hoof.

Good luck

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