Re: New to this group need help!

Josephine Trott

Would the Hoofwings need to be worn at all times? When I show would he have to show in them? I can just see the judges faces.

HI Laura,

I found that once my horse had adapted to being barefoot, he only needed his hoofwings when exercising.  Your horse may need boots 24/7 (or at least whenever he on a hard or rocky surface) for a while as he adapts to being barefoot and the hoof tries to heal from shoeing induced distortions.  The hoofwings can safely be left on 24/7.  I don't know if your horse would try to remove them but unless he can tear sturdy neoprene, he won't get them off.  Does he try to remove leg wraps/boots?

When I show, I've only shown on soft arenas (sand/rubber), where he doesn't need his hoofwings.  If the arena footing is shallow or there are rocks in the footing, I wouldn't ride in it without boots (big horse, pretty flat soles), but they're not legal for dressage shows.


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