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Elva J Mico

moniquepauwen wrote:
As soil is becoming really hard and Pepito is sour on his feet we are
considering to buy hoofboots. As he also has a soft digital cushion
(and probably heel pain) what type/brand of boots would be best ? Regards, Monique
I have always used softride equine boots, but decided I should pass on to all of you a small incident that happened. I have four pair so that I can alternate and bought over a period of years, not all at once. However, I have one pair that one boot keeps coming off and a friend who is helping me with the boys and I noticed yesterday that particular boot does not come up as high as the others. We measured it and it is an inch and a half shorter than the others. I called softride today hoping they would suggest I send the boots back and they would add material to it or something to bring it up over Beau's heels.

They said no, there was nothing they would or could do, that sometimes they made boots lower or higher and had never had any complaints. I guess I felt that with the price (now $200.00) the customer service would be better. I did not expect a replacement or anything extraordinary, but the only suggestion was to take them to a shoemaker and see if he could add to the top to make the boot cover. I guess I feel $175.00 plus shipping should have bought me the same boot as the others I had bought.

Actually, I should have been more aware of what was happening with that pair, but have had lots of family health problems and just wasn't paying the attention I should.

Just thought that since the price of the softrides has gone up making them considerably more expensive than most others that I should let people know of my experience. If you buy them you need to check the fit right away and if not a good fit, call them and get it taken care of immediately.

I do have a pair of Easy Boots that are for founder and when the softrides are no longer useable I will probably use those meanwhile trying out other brands.

I have also heard that Epic boots made by easyboots are a good boot to use.

Elva and Angel Satin
New Mexico/June 2004

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