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Absolutely true, the less one knows about a subject, the more difficult it is to try to judge the skill and knowledge of those who are supposed to be "experts."  This is also why its so crucial for horse/eqine owners to work really hard to learn and continue learning about all aspects of equine management.  Not only "what does a GOOD trim/shoeing job consist of, what to look for in order to judge jobs" but basic veterinary issues, diet, exercise issues, and so on.  :0)
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--- In ECHoof@..., "Claire C. Cox-Wilson"

Claire's questions are great, but what about people like me who fell
head first into this tarpit of IR and laminitis and wouldn't know a
thing about underslung heels or Xrays or whether the practitioner was
answering them correctly? That's a sticky-wicket!

I didn't know Joe's trim wasn't ideal until I posted pictures, asked
what a "quarter" was (and a flare and a thousand other things) and read
other websites, books, went to a clinic, etc. It's hard to be a good
judge if you're ignorant!

Jumping in on this late and if I'm way off base I'll go back in the


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