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Abby Bloxsom wrote:

> 1--In addition to Abby's length of apprentice and/or
> experience with a particular issue or method. (Personally,I
would like
> to see someone who has looked into/studied several methods and
is not
> locked into a certain method. I want a wellrounded/open-minded

You could say "do you follow any particular method?" Even so, this
isn't a great question. Pretty close to being a "fishing" question.
Here's another one:

"I'd love to do some more studying about feet, trimming, and shoeing.
Do you have any favorite books or authors or sources or anything that
you could recommend?"

A consult client asked me that the other day, and while I do think she
was genuinely asking because she wanted to read up, the first book I
referred her to was one she already had. A good clue that she & I
be on the same page.


Abby Bloxsom
I think that a file with questions to ask when interviewing a trimmer
would be a good thing to have.....what do you all think???
We already have a lot of good questions. Mandy....I'm curious too....what book ???

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