Re: bloodtest for footsoreness

Josephine Trott

Hi Monique,

What did the vet find? I just listened to a vet today stating that the hoof is the organ in the horse that is the first to be affected when there is an illness/metabolic/physiological issue with the horse. In the human, it is the lungs that are the most sensitive to general illness. I don't know specifically of metabolic issues apart from IR/Cushings that cause sore feet but it sounds like you've identified multiple triggers so you can avoid those in future. The EC group has excellent dietary guidelines that are healthy for all horses, not just IR/Cushings horses and are not so difficult to incorporate. Definitely no grass and if you are soaking hay, it should be done for at least 30 min in cold water in a large excess of water - wetting the hay just to get rid of dust does not have the same effect.

Glad to hear the NT Dry worked well for you!


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