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Hi All

If you want to read the research behind the bar discussion you can find Dr Bowker's article
"The Adaptive Capabilities of hte Hoof Wall and Sole" at

This was presented at the AAEP meeting in 2003 and is still part of his presentations. Here
is an interesting quote: "The bars appear to be important in that not only do they aid in
the support phase of the stride during movement, but on a microscopic level they appear
to form tubular horn and contribute to the hoof wall as well as the sole."

The full article shows how he arrived at his conclusions.

Many of you may have seen his article "Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot"
written in 2003. Relative to bars he says:

"Leave the bars so they are a little bit lower (shorter) than the hoof wall -- with a little bit
meaning a fraction of a millimeter. But obviously if the bars have over grown the horn,
they need to be trimmed, but not removed -- again this is a matter of common sense."

You can find the full article at

Claire, I have followed some trimmer discussions who have worked with Dr Strasser. It
appears that she has not/does not always routinely remove the bars in every case.
Whether this is a change on her part, I do not know and I recognize I'm giving you third
hand information. But regardless, the perception is still out there.

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

Some of this relates to Dr Bowker's theories.

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