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Abby Nemec

I tripped over this one this morning looking for something else. Leave it to Dr Rooney to make this point so well. Note the host of his site.

For more information on getting the weight distribution of a foot right, check out this reprint of an article from The American Farriers Journal, comparing the perspectives of David Duckett, FWCF and Prof. William Russell, from his book "Scientific Horseshoeing", published in 1903:

Interesting to me at least that we find ourselves debating the New and Improved Theories of Hoof Preparation ad nauseum and yet these guys have been around for a while ...

"...whatever tends to defeat the purpose of nature in organizing the locomotory apparatus by interfering with or misdirecting its normal movement will ultimately result in that loss of harmony and lack of balance by disabled functions and testified by lameness."
---Prof. William Russell


Abby Bloxsom

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