Re: On the subject of bars

Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...>

I'm glad you posted that Nanc, because there is a huge difference
between this:

is an interesting quote: "The bars appear to be important in that
not only do they aid in
the support phase of the stride during movement, but on a
microscopic level they appear
to form tubular horn and contribute to the hoof wall as well as the

and the "translation" that appears in a post on EC and the Easy Boot
site that says:

"~Most of the sole comes right from the bars and is growing forward.
If bars
are removed, you remove sole regeneration. Bars provide keratinized
horn for
the sole."

Nowhere in the presentation he gave does he say that the sole comes
right from the bars, etc. He describes a transition zone between the
end of the bars and the sole, where there are interdigitations of
tubules from the bars with the sole tissue. These likely
send "messages" to the sole, through intercellular comminications and
mechanical forces, that can influence the production of sole by the
keratinocytes of the sole, but the sole doesn't come from the bars.
Big difference.


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