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Shoot, I'd go a bit further and say that any farrier who lets a horse's foot get underslung or "out ahead of itself" gives farriers in general a bad name!!  Not to mention that there are some farriers who, IF they first get the horse with a good foot, are able to keep that but yet can't seem to get one that's out in front and/or long toe low heel back where they need to be, and some who seem pretty good initially, but then you find over a long timeperiod, they seem to allow most horses, even ones who never had the tendency, to wind up with the whole foot too far out front that way.  Its always been difficult to find really good farriers who can handle almost any horse's foot or foot problems really well.  I suppose it's like virtually any other human endeavor -- there are always some who are just exceptional, some who're good, more that are adequate at best, and some that aren't very good or are just outright poor at what they're doing.  Part of human nature I suppose!
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--- In ECHoof@..., "Claire C. Cox-Wilson"
> Thought I'd share this with you all...
> About this time last year I found myself desperately looking for a new

> During the process of finding a new trimmer Tamera's (my cushings/IR
> mare) toes were getting very long and her heels were becoming
> increasingly underslung. I was very concerned, Tamera was starting

What the farrier did was correct. Not shocking at all.

Constantly lowering heels and not addressing the toes correctly will
also encourage a hoof to under run. It is extrememly important to get
the break over correct. Glad you are out of that rut you were in. BTW,
been there, done that too. Yes, it is barefoot trimmers like that which
give it a bad rap.

Monica Meer CP

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