Re: Underslung heels & hoof photos was One of my barefoot experiences


John, that's PAINFUL just looking at that poor horse's foot!!!  EXCELLENT example of an underslung heel, one that I think will be quite useful to many in part because it is so extreme that those who aren't sure what "underslung" even refers to will likely be able to catch on with that one!!  Good heavens, talk about a case of fitting the foot to the shoe rather than the shoe to the foot, and/or not giving the horse even a scrap of heel support!!!  Gee whiz!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
By the way, to whatever extent you can or are willing to, I'd LOVE to have photos of all sorts of different hoof problems to be able to have here as examples for folks to use to learn from.  For example, you already got us the classic underslung heel photo,.  I'd LOVE to have a really good photo of crushed heels to use as an example also.  Tamera's are the classic "long toe low heel" or where entire foot capsule & hoof around it was shifted too far forward, even tho not so noticable to many I'd bet just because when she's really "right" I suspect she'll look more upright than some may be used to seeing.... and I'd like to add one with this same problem, only with the normal healthy configuration tending to be a low pastern, right along with one that's right in the middle that way...  So it'd be nice to have good photo examples of any and all diferent types of hoof or trimming or shoeing problems, but also as many series as we can get where problems were corrected over time....
Anyhow, if any of you get ones you think would be useful this way, please send them directly to me at Eclectk1 "at" aol "dot" com either in liu of or in addition to posting them here in the photos section.
Regardless, John, thanks for posting that photo!!
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