Re: Underslung heels & hoof photos was One of my barefoot experiences

John Stewart


I have added some photos to my examples file.
Crushed heels are when the heels have insufficient strength, and support from the bars, and collapse under. A fold develops at the heel quarter, and the collapse is always worsened with a shoe on.
With the heel collapse, the bars curve and the combined pressure from the collapsed heel and bar will not uncommonly result in a "corn".


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I'd LOVE to have a
really good photo of crushed heels to use as an example also.
I just put up two photos of crushed heels in an album by the same name.


Abby Bloxsom
At the risk of sounding like an ignoramus... but exactly what is the
difference between underslung and crushed heels??? Is it the degree
of the angle???
I would have just called these very underslung......
Claire from AZ

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