Re: Underslung heels & hoof photos was One of my barefoot experiences

Claire C. Cox-Wilson <shotgun.ranch@...>

AH !!! Wow!!! I see it well.
Thank you Dr. John for posting those. would you go about getting those to grow correctly??
Obviously you need to back up the toe considerably but this poor horse
has basically no heel to stand on. How would you offer support and
promote straight growth???
Claire from AZ

--- In ECHoof@..., "John Stewart" <john_the_vet@...> wrote:


I have added some photos to my examples file.
Crushed heels are when the heels have insufficient strength, and
from the bars, and collapse under. A fold develops at the heel
quarter, and
the collapse is always worsened with a shoe on.
With the heel collapse, the bars curve and the combined pressure
from the
collapsed heel and bar will not uncommonly result in a "corn".

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