Re: Underslung heels & hoof photos was One of my barefoot experiences

Nancy Collins <threecatfarm@...>

Hi John -

Can I see if I have this right, please?  :-)

The heels become underslung b/c the other structures – most notably the bars - are either weakened or not there?  Allowing them to roll over (curve or collapse) would weaken them.  What other way might this happen?  And if a they were being were removed or over trimmed regularly, it sounds like this might also contribute to underslung heels.  I’m guessing a poor digital cushion and lateral cartilage would as well?

If you had to reduce the bar to a level of support for the heels, presumably the footing would be really important for recovery.  IOW, if the bars had to be taken well below the heel, then ideally a footing that would get up in there and support the lowered bars is what you would want?

Am I close?

Thanks very much

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

>The heel has to be taken down to a level that isn't bent underneath.  If the
>bar is curved and collapsed, I would reduce it until it was straight enough
>to actually give some support to the heel.  The breakover at the toe has to
>be brought back.  It is the flare of the foot that pulls the sole flat, so
>the flare must be reduced.

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