Re: crushed heels was Underslung heels

Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...>

Nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree!

You may be saying this anyway, just not all in one place, but certainly
there are factors other than breed-related (or not) hoof wall quality
in determining what happens to a foot. Trim factors, or lack of trim
factors as the case may be, that result in the hoof wall not being
properly oriented around the center of weight-bearing are a major
factor here, and definitely the internal structures, not to mention the
frog. The major effect of a shoe is to limit hoof expansion and
depending on how the foot is trimmed and shoe set, to transfer weight
off the entire ground surface of the foot, including the sole, frog and
digital cushion, onto the walls. Whether this crushes the heels or not
may very well be related in part to hoof horn strength but I don't see
where that's the only factor.


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