Xrays Uploaded

Melanie Christensen


It has been a long time since I have updated Clyde's CH and I will be doing that asap but I need opinions on the xrays I uploaded.   I have only the front feet,  from 2015,  and 2016.  Both from different veterinarians.

My main farrier was not able to come as often as necessary for Clyde's trims and he has been very tender footed since mid December.     I did have my sister's farrier come down as I needed Clyde's feet done.   My husband had helped me do some rasping but I don't feel we did enough.    This farrier does all kinds of corrective trimming,  including pour in glue with metal shoes.    I was terrified when I saw him trimming off Clyde's sole and frog so aggressively as my farrier and I felt he was tender footed from thin soles  (he wears easyboots with pads and still seems sore).   However,  Clyde walked much better the next day and even the next 2 weeks.  

My main farrier is a natural/barefoot farrier and I like the way she works with Clyde.   

I'm hoping for some opinions on how to trim his feet.    I have the doomsday opinion from my sister's farrier,  and optimism from my main farrier  (due to seeing concavity in his feet at his last trim,  this past Monday).  I know photos will help a lot as well,  and I will do that tomorrow.

Clyde has been blanketed and all 4 legs and feet wrapped,  as we will not see above 40 F weather until the end of this month or even in May.   It has been a cold April,  highs in 30s, at night in low teens.   Clyde gets J-herb,  Mov-Ease,  AlCar, and AAKG.   He is also on the emergency diet,  with tested grass hay, in haynets.  I do give more hay during very cold days, nights by pitching about 3 or 4 times a day.  

Clyde is getting tested this Tuesday for ACTH, Leptin, Insulin and Glucose as well as Lymes,   all going to Cornell.  I admit this has waited way too long,  and at times it is difficult to have a veterinarian do more than just want to prescribe Thyrol and Bute.   I am not bashing veterinarians,   up here they are always busy with cattle and small pets one day a week.    I was told by a few vets and a few farriers that what I have learned on this site isn't something I can always believe or follow.  Of course they do not know really how great this group is and I have given the website to them,  just in case.   This group has been a lifesaver more than I can count,  when I am broken down and crying and worried and frustrated and wondering if all of this is doing Clyde any good.   I only want him comfortable.  So I can exercise him.   He has lost some weight this winter.

I will put up photos of Clyde's feet and of him tomorrow.

Thank you!
Melanie & Clyde, January 2015


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