Very thin sole at toe causing lameness vet says SHOES

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My horse does not have any rotation- he foundered in 2014 and his hooves have been remodeled. We took x-rays today to find out why he is slightly lame on his LF- blocked lunged etc. Then films show a distinctly thin sole at the toe on his LF. The vet says try shoes---- He has been living in Soft Rides and seems comfy in them but riding in Gloves and pads does not seem to be enough to keep him comfortable all the time- maybe different pads would work better. I am using anti-fatigue matting for pads.  She mentioned flip-flops that leave the heel open for expansion. What is the collective wisdom about this? I nearly collapsed when she said he might do better in shoes. He has never had shoes and I am well aware of the evils of steel shoes.
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Amy in VA

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Hi Amy,

Sorry your boy is having a problem. In order to be able to make any specific comments, we need to see the radiographs and current hoof pix. If you could send them to me directly, I can get them into an album for you:

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Shoes will never get the sole thicker - they will only literally lift the foot higher off the ground. From what you have said so far, it doesn't sound like steel shoes would really solve anything in the long run. And for a horse who has never worn shoes, it wouldn't be the first thing I would look to,


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Some use hoof armor for a bit of sole protection. With jesse, it took me about 1 yr to tell the farrier. “ hands off of all sole , forever. “. All the best