American Farrier article considering the mustang roll

Melanie Christensen


I know this article is long and technical,  and from what I understand they used horses with no morphology,  and have considered the barefoot way, mustang roll, "toe dubbing", to be detrimental to the equine hoof.

What I also take away in my own opinion is that my horses are not the "normal" equine hoof.   So does this article miss the point in that laminitic horses need to be trimmed differently?    There is one small point made to laminitis:  "Distal phalanx, lamella zone thickness and extensor distance. “The length of the distal phalanx doesn’t change in a mature age horse. The lamella zone thickness from the hoof wall out to the outer hoof wall; that doesn’t change in a mature age horse as well from over a 12-month period, unless there’s been a laminitic event. The extensor or the sinker distance shouldn’t change either unless there’s some sort of pathology."

I'm just curious if anyone has opinions that a "normal" horse foot does not benefit from barefoot trimming.

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Melanie Christensen

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melanie,

What specific article are you referring to? Can you provide the link?


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Melanie Christensen

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I wonder if these horses were barefoot when they started. Also curious how they were managed over that year.

Personally, I wasn't satisfied with any of the trims but it doesn't state if they were pictures immediately after or at six weeks. Six weeks is too long IMO if you are trying to change the foot.

Anyway, all changes were relatively minor. They refer to the mustang roll as "detrimental" but don't explain how or why it was detrimental other than they didn't like it.
Dr. K


I find it impossible to come to any conclusions as a reader because this just seems to be an interview with Brian Hampson about his study.  No methods, results, discussion.  I'm unable to find the published study anywhere.  Anyone else have any luck?

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