Safe feed forage to substitute hay ?

Tara Smith

Please can someone offer a list again of safe forage bagged feeds that I can offer if I can't find suitable hay ?Hay is either to high sugar or to high adf and and. Is there anything I can put in slow feeder bags or something that lasts like slow feeding hay ?Soaking is the worst ..especially frozen hay !anyone else feel this way?also what cubes ,gavi hates beet pulp .anything I can just throw together in a pinch that's easy ..I'm so tired..I'm gonna fall apart soon .Thank you  all ,always ,Tara

Tara Smith

To high ADF /NDF  I MEANT in all low sugar hay I find this a concern or feed it?


I feed my two old cushings horses Ontario Dehydrated Balanced Timothy Cubes.  I live in Illinois and have them shipped in to a feed store about an hour from me.  There are many places that you can get them.  My horses are 31 and 33 and do very well on them maintaining their body weight and condition. Linda In Illinois 2002

Nicole Sicely

I second the Balanced Timothy Cubes (Triple Crown in your area). Need to soak these, but much easier than hay!!!
You'd need to have the hay tested to know the ADF/NDF.
Hang in there Tara!!!  Gavi is lucky to have you!!!
Go ahead and give Gavi a frozen flake..... it's like its own slow feeder.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Tara,

What do mean by too high ADF/NDF?  If they are high, you will end up with more wasted hay as he picks thru the least palatable parts and it may need a lot of mineral supplementation to make it balanced.

As long as he is willing and able to eat it, and it doesn't cause him any distress digestively (some horses get runny manure), ADF/NDF aren't an issue.


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Where are you located? Hard to offer suggestions about available forage feeds without knowing where you live.
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