Videos of trimming foundered horses

amy in VA <kninformation@...>

Are there any plans to produce a video of trimming horses who are acutely and chronically foundered? It would be huge help for those of us embarking on trimming
our own. Or if there are already some out there can you post links?
Thank you to the group.
Amy in Va

Maxine McArthur

Hi Amy
I recently purchased Pete Ramey's DVD series "Under the Horse". It wasn't cheap to import it to Australia, but boy, was it worth it! I have watched all ten DVDs twice and am going back for a third time now, learning more each time. I feel that Pete's trim is closely related to what is recommended on the ECIR lists.
I'm planning to buy the "In the Trenches" set soon too, but I think "Under the Horse" has more explanation of why Pete trims the way he does. Heaps of theory plus explanations as he real-time trims a variety of horses, some maintenance trims, some laminitic, acute and chronic. 

That DVD series is the second-best education money I've ever spent on my horses. The first prize goes to Dr Kellon's NRC Plus course. 

Canberra, Australia

Lavinia Fiscaletti

You can also rent most of Pete Ramey's DVDs on Giggyup Flix if you want to try them out before buying.


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amy in VA <kninformation@...>

Thank you! I  just ordered In The Trenches. 
Amy in Va.