Scoot Boots

Bobbie Day

the straps can be a little stiff when you first get them, I just use a pair of needle nose pliers until they soften up, or many people just use their hoof pick.
i think you’ll be happy with them 😊


I want to thank everyone for their sharing their experiences with the Scoot Boots as well as other boots like the Renegades.
I agree with making sure to get the fit right on these boots. I think that can apply to other boots like the Gloves too. The gal at the booth stressed
to let them do the sizing as well plus you don't have anything to lose by doing that. So, I have went ahead and sent pictures in and got the size from Scoot Boots. I will say I would have been wrong if I picked the size myself.

Overall, there are several things that I like about the Scoot Boots over Gloves. The biggest thing is getting them on/off. I have to have a rubber mallet to get the Gloves on and most of of the time a hoof pick to get them off. I just don't have the strength to get them on/off. Overall, I don't think I have a lot to lose, except for money, to give them a try. If I don't like them, I can always go back to the Gloves or even try the Renegades.

Thanks again,
Kathy in Ohio

Maxine McArthur

Scoots Slims stay on my mare's hinds well, even at speed going up hills. But gravel collects in the back of them. The gravel does not collect when my gelding wears them--he has longer pasterns, not sure if that is the reason or not. 

I have used Renegades for nearly ten years, and they are still my go-to boot. I think the tread wears better than Scoots or even Gloves, there is no gaiter to rip (like the Gloves) and they are hands-down the easiest for me to apply and remove with arthritic fingers. I find the little openings on the Scoot straps very fiddly, and I'm afraid I won't buy another pair when the current ones wear out. 

Maxine in Canberra, Australia

Tracy Taylor

I have Scoot boots and Renegade boots and I rate the Scoots as being better.  They are less likely to come off and have a snug fit around the heel.  I found that my horse would overtrack and wipe the Renegades on the front hooves off.
Easyboot are bringing out a new model of boot that has adjustable heel height and they look very like Scoots.  There is a YouTube on them.  Expected launch time is May 2019.  It will be worth checking them out.
Tracy Taylor


I have a paso fino and the scoots would not stay on past a walk or slow gait. I use renegade vipers. I have had them for a year now and they have held up great. Pretty impressive through deep mud, water, sand. 

I use my scoots as paddock boots now, for when the late fall muddy paddocks freeze with ridges and points. Work well.



If you got 3 years out of the gloves,, yeah. All things wear out. I am a dealer for Easy Care, Scoot boots and Renegades. Each boot has its own unique fit. Rens are hands down, the easiest to put on/off. This boot has many options. There is a cable system that once it is fine tuned, is easy. 
Scoot boots have no adjustment. Getting the right fit is crutial. I love the Scoots. Go to their Wed site and follow the instructions for taking a pic of hoof to send them.  As the boot breaks in, there are ways to tweak the fit. 
Good luck

Bobbie Day

I use Scoots all the time on my riding horses, I bought my first pair for my gelding when they were first offered in the US, so he’s rode in the same pair for over five years? I do not ride as much as I used to but live in very rocky terrain and these stay on !
My biggest reason for purchasing them in the first place is that easy boots and others either rubbed him or we couldn’t get a good fit, he has some scar tissue that makes it difficult. Scoots are very forgiving once you get the right size, I would strongly suggest sending them a picture of your horses hoof with measurements, that way if it’s wrong they’ll exchange for free.
One thing I luv about them is that I am able to take them on and off myself. I always had to get my hubby to do the others.
Good luck! Hope this helps 😊

Nicole Sicely

Hi Kathy ~ I have them, and love them!  I always struggled getting the gloves on and off, but the scoot boots are super easy.  They have never twisted or come off.
They come w/ a small pad that goes over the back section.  It is only supposed to be used for the first few rides but I've left it on to help avoid any rubbing.
Super happy w/ them!
Nicole in VT


I love Scoot Boots! I'm a trimmer in MA and have fit various clients with them and they're very happy as well. Easy to use, easy on and off, and they hold up very well. You can also fit Easycare pads in them! 



I'm in the market for a new pair of riding boots. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Scoot Boots
and if they would share. I saw them at the Equine Affaire in Columbus this past weekend. I really like some
of the features their boot offers compare to the Easyboot Glove which I have been using the past 3 or 4 years.
This is the first time I have heard of them. I was just wondering how well they work and if they will hold up. The Gloves
I got 3 good years out of them before having trouble with them this past year.

Thanks in advance
Kathy in Ohio