San Diego north county trimmers, this is my first post


There are several good trimmers in SD.  One is Dani Lloyd in Anza.  I lost my phone yesterday,, so do not have her #.  You can also check with PHCP.  On their website, look for Practitioners, Southern CA.  Good luck


Hello all, 
this is my first post here, no album or case history file yet, working on it. I don't know yet if my mare is IR working on getting tests done. She did have a possible laminitis episode triggered by a vet visit on 3/19/19. Came up dead lame 2 days later. Was horrific for a week then blew an abscess through her coronet and MUCH improved. Since then. Was scheduled to have trimmer and vet coordinate care on 3/22 but vet got tied up and couldn't make it out. Trimmer couldn't trim - she's rather fractious anyway, the added pain made it impossible. She's in boots but is able to move! Without them. Question is, looking for any other trimmers in my area. Am moving my mare to a new place, not sure trimmer wants to follow