Shed frog/white chalky sole, hollow sound in quarters


I don't have my mare's (Sierra) case history up, lots of photos trying to organize, vet is coming this Friday (5/24/19) to do x-rays. Hope to have it all up this weekend.

Last week her frog shed off (she's barefoot) and her sole is white and chalky...not dry chalk but sort of floury? Hard to describe. Anyway, I've never experienced anything like this and I'm freaked out. Sierra's always been fussy with her feet and I've had her for a bit over 2 years (she's a rescue.) She's come a long way but I'm starting to believe she's fussy because her feet generally bother her. Her collateral grooves have always been quite deep (the hoof pick penetrated a few weeks after I got her) and her central sulcus has always been deep too. I've tried treating with various thrush treatments (although she's rarely had the signature smelly feet) but the areas haven't grown out as I'd expected.

I also noticed recently that her quarters (not sure if it's all feet or not - need to check) sound hollow (which is really freaking me out now that I've read the Michael Savoldi Heel Height and Uniform Sole Thickness - Savoldi.pdf files.) Her trimmer is a Pacific Hoof Care Practitioner.

So at this point - w/o having pictures or x-rays to share (yet) I'm hoping just to have discussion on these topics. Oh, and Sierra had an abscess that blew out her coronet in March 2019. I'm fairly obsessive about keeping her feet clean but I'm now thinking that there is thrush/gunk internally...been reading a lot and will be going with a soaking protocol - haven't decided which of theseĀ to start with.

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