2 Inflammatory rings on newest xrays


I have uploaded Little Bill’s most recent x-rays.  It looks like he has two ridges by his coronary band that the vet referred to has inflammatory rings. Could these just be changes in feeds?  He also lost a lot sole depth, but doesn’t seem to have rotated and further?  About three weeks ago he shed his complete frog on both front feet.  I thought moisture was making his feet seedy and took off his softrides.  I think his feet were actually exfoliating regardless of moisture and being without boots made matters worse.  The foot above the gas line doesn’t look great to me,  Any thoughts? 

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Brittany,

Here's the link to your photos:


Those rings are evidence of damage having occurred. Dietary changes might result in mild rings but would not affect the hoof capsule to this extent. These are due to tearing of the laminar connections and the sinking that has occurred.

Because your boy is PPID and IR, all discussions about him are best done on the main group. This subgroup is for general hoof discussions and for horses that are neither PPID nor IR. I'll copy this message to the main group and post a more in-depth response over there.


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