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Lavinia I cant find the thread but you offered some suggestions awhile back on how I could tape Desi’s boots to keep from twisting?
i can get them to stay on straight !
Also do you think I could tape some pads to her sole and see if that would provide enough cushion for her?
she has six pairs of various boots and all are now too big, I really can’t afford another pair just now so any ideas would be awesome .

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By all means, try taping on pads. I've had good luck using vet wrap (or similar) then covering the bottom with duct tape for added longevity. Can use straight duct tape too but I find that tends to leave sticky residue all over the hoof.

Boots that are really too big aren't helping you much - it's like you putting on extra socks to wear shoes that are 2 sizes too big. You can try wrapping the foot in a diaper to take up some of the extra space but it's cumbersome and she'll tend to move more clumsily.

You can try listing the boots that no longer fit on some of the used boot groups - might find some smaller ones for her there as well:


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Duck tape is good stuff but I'm finding Gorilla tape even stronger, I've used the black and clear...........the clear tape held my front headlight and bumper together for a week and the body shop guy was impressed. I think it has even more give/stretch for shaping than duct tape.


I found this facebook group a good source for used hoof boots when my horse's hooves were going thru size changes.
"Hoof Boot Exchange"
You need to know your horse's hoof sizes. I found a good boot that is easy to find used is the Easy Care Back County Glove. Because of the upper cuff/gaiter it can be a little loose and still stay on and still allow use of pads.
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