Guidelines for Trimmers?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

I feel your frustration, Chris.

Agree with you that the paring of soles is generally NOT warranted, although commonly done. Definitely raises red flags for me. Check some of these resources for guidance:

Paige Poss:

Pete Ramey:

NO Laminitis Conference Proceedings, free to download. Trim, the Essential. Missing Ingredient:

If you want specifics for Monte, you can create an album in the Photos section of the Case History sub-group with current hoof pix, then request a review of the trim on the main group as Monte is IR.


Moderator/ECIR Support

Chris Pennbo

Hello, I have looked and looked but am at a loss. Are there guidelines somewhere that I can print and give to my trimmer? My horses are barefoot. I am not overly happy with the way she's been trimming them but am no longer able to do them myself.  She seems somewhat offended when I try to tell her how I want something done. (For example she pares out the sole and I was taught never to do that) I am thinking that perhaps a list of how to do things from a 'group' that Monte is part of might be more effective. All help appreciated! 

Chris and Monte