Thickness of the hoof capsule

Maria Duran

Thank you very much Lavinia.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Wall thickness in a healthy hoof will be fairly symmetrical all the way around.

Too many horses have flared side walls, which are thinner, separated and more brittle while the toe is too long so has some degree of laminar wedge making it appear to be vastly thicker. Or if the toe is actually at the correct horizontal length, the walls still have some degree of detachment so are thinner.


Moderator/ECIR Support

Maria Duran

Does anyone know if all the hoof capsule is the same thickness all around or is it thicker in the toe area than in the quarter area? I find it much more thinner in the quarter area but I don´t know if I am always looking at bad quality hooves.

Thank you.

María Durán.