Uneven hoof development

Maria Duran

Hi all!

Do you know what´s the reason for an uneven hoof development when you see it from it´s sole view? When I pick up the hoof (it is a hind one and barefoot) and divide it in a straight line from the center of the heel bulbs longitudinally to the toe, the sides left at each side of this line are not equal. The sole area in medial is much more smaller than the one in the lateral side.

I hope I managed to explain this correctly.

Thank you!

María Durán
Madrid, Spain.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Maria,

Depends on the individual horse. Some things to consider:
  - lateral wall is flared so sole appears wider to compensate
  - medial heel run further forward, twisting hoof capsule laterally
  - medial-lateral imbalances
  - entire hoof capsule has shifted laterally
  - medial wall more upright, which is common and will make the entire medial side of the foot narrower
  - everything is as it should be and that is correct for that horse/hoof


Moderator/ECIR Support

Maria Duran

Thank you very much Lavinia.

I will pay more attention knowing this. I believe his case is medial wall more upright but if almost all horses load more weight at either medial or lateral side, why are not all hooves showing this distorted form?

I think I am going to take some pics on tuesday so that you can see it.

Thank you.