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Maxine McArthur

Thank you Cindy! (from one of "those friends") The yellow pads last well. Comparable to the Easycare red pads.
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Cindy Q

I've used a few different ones and the yellows seem to be suitable for a few different needs/types. Used it on both ponies and horses up to 16.1 and it lasts reasonably well on the horses as well.

Recently, it was on promo haha so I ordered a bunch for friends etc.

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Thanks for the link, Bonnie.

Happy Hoof pads is a good resource.


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Just wanted to post the web site for a vendor that sells a large assortment of hoof pad material. I have purchased from her in the past and found that she has a bigger variety of pads then any other seller IMO.

She is also very helpful to talk with. You can buy just one specific type of pad or entire kits. 
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016


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