Hoof abscesses - treatment question

Mary M.

-- Uggh hoof abscesses are not fun.  If it has already burst, may i suggest sugardine-- a mix if betadine (the solution, NOT the scrub that has soap) and sugar made to consistency of about toothpaste. I used non-absorbant side of diaper then vetwrap/duct tape overnight. The betadine will absorb into hoof and you will just see white sugar in morning. Good as drying agent and killing bacteria. Hope this helps.. 
Mary Marzec, Chelsea MI, 2012
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Karen Hocking

Hi all

My hoof sagas seem to be never ending this year. Star (my mare) was diagnosed with laminitis back in April (not PPID or IR although vet originally thought she would be - her tests came back negative - protocols from this group were used) and it was put down to be mechanical laminitis. After years of drought, we got drought breaking rains and everything had turned to mud. She was improving but we have been getting more rain and more mud (there was still some separation in the laminae). I don't have the option to keep her out of it completely but we are restricting her to the top of the yard where the water drains away best and her shelter is completely dry (not that she likes to stand in it much).

She has an abscess in the left front hoof that burst about 5 days ago through the back of the frog (I have been using Phlegmon, Animalintrex Poultice pad and bandaging with a treatment boot over the top for protection (changing and cleaning every second day). She went lame again this time on the right front leg on Wednesday - heat in the coronet band and the hoof wall. Phlegmon, Animalintrex Poultice pad and bandaging with a treatment boot over the top for protection. I only have one treatment boot at the moment so it was put on the new sore hoof and the other one just has a few layers of bandage on top of the Animalintrex. I'm pretty sure that abscess burst this morning as she is walking better now. (I'm trying to find another boot so I can have both hooves protected). 

Given I lost my other horse Haydon in June after an abscess and the infection spread into the tendon sheath, I am paranoid about hoof issues :(

We have more wet weather forecast over the next 4 weeks and I am really worried about how her feet are going to heal. Is there anything else I can be doing for her? Is there anything I can do to protect that hoof until I can get another treatment boot? How long should I keep it covered for now the abscess has burst?

Thank you in advance.

- Karen
April 2020, Dubbo NSW Australia
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