recovering from Lamanitis



A horse came into one of Pete's clinics with them on fronts ... took three people and a tremendous amount of work and time to remove them. 

Is there a 'simple' way to remove them??

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08/13 (main group)

Vanessa Register

i should fix my response. I do not trim the mold.
You can trim the resin.
also the long trim cycle is not a problem with the Formahoof but management problem.
the Formahoof allows you to protect your hoof while you grow a new connected one. 
Especially if boots are not working, ie rubbing, rain, horse won’t  keep them on.
this is just another tool to help the horse.

Vanessa Register

thank you . I don’t think I’ll let it go past 3 weeks. You know you can trim the mold too.
got to Keep that toe tucked.


Lavinia Fiscaletti

Great news, Vanessa.

Just be sure not to allow the trim to get away from you due to the Formahoof having been applied, as this has happened to a number of people, sometimes with disastrous results. As the hooves get no wear while encased in the Formahoof, they generally can't exceed a 4-5 week schedule tops as you can't access the hoof to do any touch-ups in between full trims.


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Vanessa Register

I posted her about 2 months ago about my Mare Cadie  who is IR an PPID.
We had a great set up trim by Paige Poss, then boots and pads.
we have had x rays also.
We were ready to go forward I didn't want to be in holding pattern forever.
Cadie needed to move for her health weight loss, and circulation and mental health a pen is boring, even if your mom sits with you for hours a day.
So we reached out to Formahoof and we put it on four days ago.
Cadie is doing great with it.
I didn't know how to apply Formahoof but with much guidance and encouragement we did it.
I am glad we did.
Boots gave the relief we needed but were rubbing her heals, no matter what tricks I did and holding in heat, it is very hot here.
don't get me started on the rain and having to take off the boots at all hours of the day and night to keep them dry.
anyways we have gone on 4 trailer rides with walks from a mile to three miles.
today we went to the fairgrounds to walk the race track. But we decided to go to the arena for a roll first.
It was here that she bucked, and took of cantering the did flying lead changes and a beautiful heal first floating trot.
Im sure diet, veterinarian care made a big difference. But seeing my mare move feely was an amazing experience.

I like to say it is like a three legged stool, diet, exercise and trim( hoof boots, shoes, formahoof) with out one the stool cannot stand.
Keep trying until you find what works.
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Jan 2009