L-Arginine vs Jiaogulan

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

That arginine dose is too high. Use from 2 to 10 g, three times a day, preferably away from meals.
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Michele,

For cold-induced pain, you can combine Jiaogulan with L-arginine for a bigger nitric oxide boost if the j-herb isn't doing enough. Dosing is 2.2g/kg.

Here's a source for the L-arginine:


You can read more about ancillary supplements in the ECIR NO Laminitis Proceedings (free to download) here:


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Michele Einarson

Kaeco has a (new-to-me) product, Biotin 800 ZA Plus, that includes L-Arginine.

Their claim:  
Nitric oxide is a gas produced within the horse's body that impacts circulation, vascular health and lameness, and is crucial in enhancing blood vessel circulation in the hoof. In horses, L-arginine supplementation may enhance overall exercise performance, recovery, assist in improving cardiac function and blood flow and potentially reduce the impact of lactic acid. With its ability to enhance circulation and to support the immune system, supplementation may also be beneficial in repair. In enhancing circulation, L-arginine can improve the delivery of nutrients for healing purposes. L-arginine may also prove valuable in the management of laminitis due to improved blood flow and vasodilation to the hoof region."

This seems to have the same function as Jiaogulan, which I’ve been feeding for cold weather hoof pain and hoof growth after a laminitis bout 2 years ago.  Should I consider adding L-Arginine?  Or is the Jiaogulan sufficient?  
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Feb 2019
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