Suspected foot tenderness/pain - Previcox/Devil's Claw

Suzanne and Pilgrim


I've downloaded X-rays taken 2 days after the trim from the farrier in September.  I don't know how to read X-rays but it seems Pilgrim's toes are too long and his heels are underrun.  I will try to take photos tomorrow as per directions and download them ASAP.  I need to get feedback from Lavinia on how to guide my farrier to do the trim he'll need  (hoping he'll be cooperative). 
In the meantime, I switched Pilgrim from Previcox to Devil's Claw. (Nov 6, 2021)  I started at 1/3 scoop of daily dose to make sure it doesn't turn him off the other supplements.  I'm hoping to see his attitude change (he suddenly became absurdly spooky overnight and demonstrated a lack of desire to keep up with me at the walk in the sand ring.)  I suspect he is hurting. 

How long should I try the Devils's Claw to see if his spookiness and lack of forwardness is due to pain?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Suzanne,

Because Pilgrim is PPID/IR, all questions related to him - including hoof ones - can stay on the main ECIR group.

I'll take a look at his rads then post back to you there.

Jan 2005, RI

Moderator/ECIR Support