Blue's Case History



Following up on a couple of topics.  Lavina was going to do some mark ups on Blue's front and back hooves.  His hoof photos are dated 11/15/2021.  I wrote to an ECIR balancer on 11/20/2021 to review my hay analysis and assist with making sure Blue is getting minerals/vitamins in the right amounts.  I've not heard back on either topic.  Could you let me know the status.  Thank you!

Kirsten Rasmussen

The ECIR Balancers operate independently.  If you haven't heard back in a timely manner, and you checked your junk folder (just in case!), I would contact a different one.

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada

Sherry Morse

If you want to know the status on mark-ups please send an email to the main group with the topic "Lavinia Markup Request" so Lavinia knows you're in need of those.  As far as the balancer - you need to contact that person directly again.
Sherry and Scutch (and Scarlet over the bridge)
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