Founder related to neglection

Maria Duran

I have known directly and indirectly, several cases of foundered horses not metabolically related. These horses are all rescues. I asked once to Dr. Kellon and she told me neglection might be a cause, but I would like to understand deeper how a negleted horse can end up with this kind of absolutely spoiled hooves, please.

I can send X-rays if needed, but there is severe rotation, P3 loss, decalcification, remodelation, distal descent even P3 penetration.

Can anyone explain what kind of situtation can lead to this? There must be first some type of infection for example due to dirt, manure and not cleaning the hooves?

Which are the reasons and how these affect the hooves to the extent to produce severe rotation and bone loss?

Of course I know nutrition is one reason but I alm interested in the other reasons.

Thank you.

María Durán.
Madrid, Spain.