Founder related to cow feed

Maria Duran

Hi again,

In the same line of the previous post, I would like to know if there is some component in cow feed that can cause founder in a horse. I have met a mare with founder, who was being fed concentrates for cows. I first thought about starch and sugars but the mare came up negative to EMS, so is there something in cow feed like urea or ... I don´t know that can lead to this?

I don´t know the composition of the concentrate, so just asking if there is some already known component that is detrimental to hoof integrity.

Thank you.

María Durán.


I have no knowledge of cattle feed where you live, but the cattle feed here in the usa contains monensin.  It is very dangerous for horses from what I understand.
Linda in Illinois 2002

Maria Duran

That´s a good one Linda, thank you. I believe monensin ( I just learned a bit about it in a book) is toxic to muscle and cardiac muscle and signs of toxicity are very visible. This mare was apparently "normal" but for her 4 foundered hooves, ouch! I haven´t seen hooves as horrible as these ones before.

Something should have been going on for a long time. Something causing hoof deterioration without toxic exposure.