I have taken on the trimming aspect of Merlin's feet since the two failed farrier attempts. 
I have only be doing rasping and taking back the toes, mostly on his fronts and reducing the flaring. 
however, I am not certain as to how much more and where on the hoof he needs trimming. 

Mary M.

Hi Jean, 
Kudos to you for taking active role in your horses hoof trimming. I am not sure where you are located, but i highly recommend Ida Hammer for learning about trimming your own horse. Her website is

many of the trainings and information are online and i believe you can order "model hoofs" to practice on. I am attending her 3 day workshop for the 3rd time here in Michigan in a couple weeks. I took her trainings  twice and this is my 3rd. I always learn something new and good to get refresher. I have been trimming my mare for a couple years after not getting good results from farrier. 

good luck
Mary Marzec, Chelsea MI, 2012
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Chris Hanson

I’m hoping to do between trim toe rasping, at least as long as I have access to my current trimmer who I like.
Does anyone know somewhere I can see video or description of this task?
I am planning to get Ida Hammer’s manual to start with, but am not finding anything on between trim touch ups other than articles saying it’s a good thing to do.

Helen Temps

I would ask your trimmer for help, he should be happy to show you what to do in between.  There are TONS of YouTube videos, Pete Ramey’s Site, book Equine Essentials.  Lots of info out there.  Buy a quality rasp to make the job easier, I love my Cody James rasp.  Even on those rock hard summer feet it is an easy task after 3 years, 3 horses!

Chris Hanson

I did find a video, thanks. It seems straightforward and covers just rasping and rolling the toes. 

Lavinia Fiscaletti

In between trimmer appointments, you rasp to maintain what has already been put into place. If you do it once per week, it's a quick process.

Check out Paige Poss' site for more info:

Pete's site has articles that have a lot of photos included:

Ida Hammer is another good source for info:

Jan 2005, RI

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