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I usa a battery op. Dewalt is heavier than cored, but the convenience is worth it for me. Also use a battery op. Dremel..
They have been a life saver for me and my 3 boys. Just backing up the toes and quarters on a regular basis has so improved my boys feet.
Vet even wanted to know who was maintaining their feet because they looked so much better.
I am a senior, some weeks I can only do half a horse a day. But not having the anxiety about the farrier trimming to much off, or getting peeved with me makes the work worth it.
God bless Lavinia and the rest of you that give advice and pics to help us help our horses.

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Any brand will do.  Take off the second handle and the blade guard.  Using this power tool is great!  BUT very dangerous.  Since i dont know you or your physical status, Please make sure you can handle, literally, handle holding and using this tool with 1 hand.  It is better to train yourself to use both left and right hands.  You will need to use both to get into certain spots.  Always wear heavy duty gloves.  Get your equine use to the sound way before using it on them. When you start to use grinder on hoof, just gentaly touch the bottom of the hoof.  They need to get use to the vibrations.  Most horses get use to the feel quickly.  It is the noise that some will not tolerate.
There is also a smaller 2" tool called Hoof Boss.  This is smaller, quieter and easier to use.  Unfortunately it is expensive.  I use the red disk.

To get use to the feel and how to use the 4" angle grinder, try it on a block of wood first.
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To add to Diane's good advice, make sure you braid/knot/tie up the tail any time you use a grinder. One swish at the wrong moment and you will have a train wreck. Also need to be aware that it will remove a lot of material very quickly - which is both a plus and a minus. You need to touch lightly and move around so as not to take too much off any one spot at a time. Also be aware that the foot heats up under the sanding disc, so don't remain in one spot for long periods.

Definitely practice on a piece of wood with whichever grinder you choose so you get a feel for how it operates.

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I found the usual 18v angle grinders too heavy for me to use with one hand, so I bought a little Proxxon long-neck angle grinder (10.8v battery). It weighs only 550g. I don’t have mains power so I have to use a battery-operated tool, and so far this one has lasted well just for my two horses—although I mainly use it for the final bevel, as I’m not that proficient yet. 

I tie up tails, wear gloves and eye protection and a mask, and keep the disk moving around the hoof. 

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I would add to make sure the grinder has a paddle switch, which automatically shuts off the grinder if you accidentally drop it.  It can happen.  And TIE UP THE TAIL.  I forgot one time only.  The grinder wound up my mare's tail and slammed into the side of my face.  My beloved girl just stood there, but I headed for the bag of frozen peas.  Lovely shiner, but it could have been way worse.  Otherwise, great tool to be able to use.  Practice on a block of wood first.  When I was still working as a professional trimmer, I never had one client that didn't get used to it and usually prefer it.  Especially the older ones with sensitive joints.  Less rocking back and forth than with a rasp.  
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Ooh. The Proxxon is 1.8 pounds. Looks light weight. Something about the vibration in tools sets off my arthritic hands. Bet it doesn’t feel great on arthritic horse joints, either. 
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I use a Makita GA4534.  It's corded, which makes it lighter than a battery model, and is not a problem for me as I do mostly my own horses now.  Amazon says I've had it for 12 years!  Has a pretty narrow barrel, so I can hold on to it.  I wear tight fitting (no wiggle or slipping) good gripping gloves.  Of course I have arthritic hands and they're not bothered by the little vibration of the grinder. Phil Morarre has a good instructional DVD with great pointers.  Using flap discs is really recommended as it keeps from creating a hot flat spot on the hoof with the grinder.  Everyone here has great ideas!
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I have a Proxxon that I just started using. So far I'm happy with the size and weight.
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what disc do you use on the Proxxon?
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