Looking for Trimmer or Farrier Gilroy/Hollister area of Northern CA


Justice is barefoot. Bob Bowker consulted several years ago to successfully get him out of lifelong therapy shoes for early age navicular degeneration/DDFT lesions. Was an early recipient of Tildren and IRAP when they came out. Last month, Dr. Kellon pinpointed a genetic condition which causes muscle to malfunction. Improving on diet changes. Now needs correct trim to get him moving comfortably again.

Looking for someone with experience/solid skills but doesn’t need to know all the techniques. More important is a curiosity for what works and ability to follow markups/feedback from our wonderful hoof guru’s. Willing to cover travel costs for right person, if not in our area

Appreciate any referrals! Can pm me.



Christina & Justice

Northern CA



I started a database that relies on trimmers adding their own information so it’s not a huge list but the CA trimmers may know someone if they can’t help you.



Lisa Mittler
Barefoot Hoof Practitioner
South and Central Texas
January 2019

Joy V

This is great Lisa.  I am calling one of the practitioners on your list on Monday.

Joy and Willie (EC/IR)  
Nevada County, CA - 2019

Case history:  Willie's Case History
Willie's photo album:  Willie's Photo Album


Great resource Lisa. Thanks! 

Christina & Justice
Northern CA