Draft boots


If Cavallo's BFB boots aren't big enough, the only other option I know of are custom made Hoofwing boots. I have seen one pair in-person and they were very well crafted and durable, quite impressive.


I work on a unit of barefoot, mounted police horses and several have feet over 8" wide so I am very familiar with the lack of boot availability in these size feet.

If you only need temporary boot support, casting is always an option, as are glue-on/casted-on composite shoes from Hoof-it or Duplo. I don't know of any other brands that are big enough.

Hoof-it's biggest size composite shoe is 9"x9.25" and Duplo's is 190mm wide.

Hoof-it's website: https://www.hoof-it.com/collections/glue-on-horseshoes/products/plastic-horseshoes-size-us-8-12-eu-200-205
Duplo's website: https://www.duplo-usa.com/heavy-duty-shoes

If casting, I suggest only using the casting tape Duplo sells. It is the only tape I've found that will hold up on draft feet: https://www.duplo-usa.com/products/eldrun-sleipnir-3-inch-hoof-casting

Hope this helps! 

Lisa Mittler
Barefoot Hoof Practitioner
South and Central Texas
January 2019

Bobbie Day

Oh I’m sorry i misread.
good luck 

Valletta Lochridge

Thank you, Bobbie.  Yes, I’ve posted on multiple Facebook sites….. no luck so far.  I’ve been in contact with Scootboots and their sizes aren’t big enough.

Bobbie Day

Have you tried the FB group for hoof boots sale and exchange?
Lots of different boots on there, you might also contact Stacey from scoot boots and see if she’s got anything, I know sometimes she has returns from people that had to exchange.

Valletta Lochridge

I’m looking for a pair of front boots for my draft horse whose feet measure 8” x 8”.  Anyone have some for sale or know where I can get some quickly?  Cavallo and Scootboots do t make one big enough.  I have an email in to easycare and I’ve posted on several FB groups.  Any ideas?

Valletta in CA