[EquineCushings] Barefootin' - a little rant

Abby Nemec

mmmeer@... wrote:
Just curious, isn't it the same with Horse shoeing schools?
Yes it is - but there is a long, time-honored tradition of apprenticeship in the shoeing business. Somehow it seems many people think that shoeing is really hard and takes a lot of training, but "the barefoot trim" is simply a matter of connecting the dots and voila!

I believe there
are some courses as short as 6 weeks or 3 months? Is this correct? Can't they, after 3 months, come out of school and start their practice, and begin nailing on shoes?
And they (we) can take money for shoeing and trimming in the US with not a day's worth of training. Actually, I am not a certified farrier, nor did I graduate from a shoeing school. I had private training, and then spent a LONG time working on the horses in a riding program that I was running. The horses there taught me an awful lot - and I'm grateful to them for that (and sorry for what I put them through too).


Abby Bloxsom